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BLDCM drive / Hall controller drive

BLDCM drive / Hall controller drive

    • BLDCM drive / Hall controller drive
    • BLDCM drive / Hall controller drive
    • BLDCM drive / Hall controller drive
    • BLDCM drive / Hall controller drive
  • BLDCM drive / Hall controller drive

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: G·T
    Model Number: GTK-E6

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 PCS
    Price: USD3.5-4.5 PCS
    Packaging Details: Neutral factory box
    Delivery Time: 10-15 working days upon order quantity
    Payment Terms: T/T
    Supply Ability: 500 pcs per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Name: BLDC Motor Driver Warranty: 2 Years
    Delivery Time: 10-15 Working Days Upon Order Quantity Size: 96.3*56mm
    High Light:

    brushless dc motor controller


    bldc motor controller

    BLDCM drive / Hall controller drive





    1: this version of the manufacturer's software is the general version of small current and large torsion. Please explain before ordering the two-mold version. The current is normally set to 30A and generally set to 30A


    2: the software of this board is 48V by default. When 60V/64V/72 is adopted, the 60V/64V/72V welding plate on the board is short-connected


    6 pipe wide voltage (93.5cm-65) digital intelligent panel function interface description


    Characters on a board Function definition Characters on a board Function definition
    U,V,W Motor phase line P+ The main power supply +
    HU,HV,HW Motor hall P- The main power supply -
    SD+ Voltage meter VCC The electric door lock +
    SD- Negative instrument ZH,VH,4.3V Hall power +
    BH High level braking (+12V,+48V effective) TH,4.3V Turn the power supply +
    BL Low level brake power off (effective for GND) GND Function signal ground wire

    1. The ground movement is manual cruise

    2.Automatically cruise gnd6-8s

    3.One-click repair function


    Low level anti - theft (effective against ground)

    ) high level anti-theft (effective for 4.3v)

    XS Hardware speed limit DC Astern (low level effective)
    TS Speed control knob signal XX Effective learning port with dual mode (generally selected for motor anti-theft)
    ZL Button three speed (default high speed) 60V………..96V Two solder plates connected, low pressure selection
    EBS Flexible electronic brake (effective for GND) TX Motor reversal (recharging after grounding)
    HI High speed (or medium speed) LO Low speed
    YH Hall meter (change the R27 patch resistance to 2K if invalid) RX Quick start


    Failure indicator definition description


    1 long (bright) 1 short (off) The first MOS tube (or corresponding drive) fails
    1 short 2 long The second MOS tube (or corresponding drive) failed
    1 long 3 short The third MOS tube (or corresponding drive) failed
    1 long 4 short The fourth MOS tube (or corresponding drive) failed
    1 long 5 short The fifth MOS tube (or corresponding drive) failed
    1 long 6 short The sixth MOS tube (or corresponding drive) fails
    1 long 7 short Phase line fault or drive part fault (the lamp is statically flashing normally, the motor is stuck by turning, the lamp is flashing for 7 times, and the power tube is normally driving on and off the bridge)
    Uniform slow flashing (bright 1S off 1S) No hall normal standby
    Uniform slow flashing (on 0.5S off 0.5S) Hall is on standby
    Flash one time, pause for 1S Brake failure: possible cause chip 2 pin low level
    Flash 2 times. Pause for 1S Over current fault: there is a large current in operation, short circuit of phase line, power tube damaged or drive circuit fault, or over current protection circuit configuration is not normal, chip 36,37 feet
    Flash three times. Pause for 1S Block - off: block - off with heavy load or hall fault simulation
    Flash 4 times. Pause 1S Undervoltage: battery voltage is too low or voltage detection circuit fault
    Flash five times. Pause for 1S Operational failure: chip damage or operational amplifier configuration circuit failure
    Flash 6 times. Pause 1S Hall of failure
    Flash 7 times. Pause 1S Missing phase: please check whether the motor wire is well connected and the corresponding drive part is normal


    One-key repair function instructions:


    1: XH function brake, manual and automatic cruise when under pressure fault, effective to ground

    2: the braking power is broken during cycling. At this point, the XH port is grounded, and the car will continue to drive at 20% speed

    3: under riding pressure, the XH port will be grounded, the car will continue to drive at 20% speed, and the port XH will be lifted

    This key repair function is designed for the vehicle to break down in the middle of the road, to avoid the implementation or implementation of difficulties, the corresponding emergency treatment, so as to reach the repair shop maintenance. This function can reflect the human side more, reduce the awkward situation that the car broke down during the journey

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